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Birthdate:Mar 12
When the TARDIS was young, she stole a madman; and she has never once regretted it.

Idris is the TARDIS; and the TARDIS is Idris. She walks like a human; talks like a human; but she doesn't think like a human. It's very confusing.

In fact, she distinctly remembers you reading this and being confused - but... oh... that hasn't happened yet. That's because she doesn't see time like humans do, either; not linearly at all, but every which way at once.

And sometimes (a time which is now, and tomorrow, and yesterday all at once) she's a box, instead of a woman; and there's a madman riding about inside of her. That's fun.

...Is this when she bites you?

semi-official explanation: The TARDIS absorbed Idris's power-soaked body into her matrix, forming something like a new chameleon disguise. (Only... not like that at all.)

(Think a cross between the police box, and the Teselecta used by the Justice department.)

Unrelated to Doctor who; unrelated to Suranne Jones; not Idris. Just a fan.
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